TripAdvisor names best 20 Japanese Castles

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TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel review website, announced the results of voting by the site’s users for the best 20 castles in Japan in 2016.

From Okinawa, Nakagusuku Castle Ruins in Nakagusuku and Kitanakagusuku Villages and Katsuren Castle Ruins in Uruma City were voted got No.10 and 11 respectively. Nakijin Castle Ruins in Nakijin Village was ranked No.13, and Shuri Castle in Naha City was on the 14th place. Zakimi Castle Ruins in Yomitan Village is No.18.

Himeji Castle in Hyogo Prefecture was voted for the first place.

Nakijin Castle Ruins, which was ranked in the voting for the first time, was reviewed as “a castle with walls uniquely wavy in shape, like the Great Wall of China, and, the castle walls form a beautiful contrast between the green fields surrounding it.”


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