Reckless driver rearrested on stimulant drug charges

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A man, who was recently arrested on reckless driving charges, was slapped additional charges of using stimulant drugs.

According to Naha Police, 47-year-old Yoshihiro Shimizu, who was visiting Okinawa for sightseeing, was arrested on Jul. 19th for reckless driving when he drove his rented car into a police patrol car after a chase by several police cars on streets in central Naha. Shimizu admitted to the reckless driving charges upon his arrest.

However, police suspected immediately that Shimizu was under the influence of stimulant drugs when they arrested him, and he has been in the custody since. Police now rearrested him on suspicion of violating the stimulant drug control law. His urine sample taken after his initial arrest showed the presence of stimulant drugs.

Shimizu was stopped in Matsuyama after bystanders reported police of a car driving erratically around noon on July 19th. When police asked him to come out of his car and accompany them to the police station, he took off with police in pursuit. He drove along the streets in Kumoji for about 10 minutes before he crashed into a police car behind the Head Office of Okinawa Bank, and was arrested when he got out of the broken car.


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