Pokemon Go irks people at battle sites, sacred places

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Okinawa Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City and Sefa Utaki, one of most sacred places on Okinawa in Nanjo City, among others have been confirmed to be locations for “Poke Stops” and “Gyms” of the wildly popular Pokemon Go smartphone game.

However, persons responsible for maintaining the sites are not amused, and are looking for ways to get the game banned from their premises. They say placing the avatars to those locations, and having players roaming all over them, is degrading and not suitable for the spirit and image of the sites. They add that they will ask the company to delete the Pokemon Go spots within their facilities. They will also put signs at the sites advising people not to play games in the area.

A spokesman for the group responsible of maintaining the Peace Memorial Park says they have confirmed more than 20 Poke Stops and a gym within the park. They consider it improper, as the park is a place to remember and pray for the war dead, and pray for peace, and are asking to take the avatars off.

Three Poke Stops were found within the area of Sefa Utaki, which is one of the most sacred places on Okinawa. A staff member says they have had to caution some children because they veered off the path while playing the game at the Sefa Utaki site.

On Ishigaki Island, one of the most sacred places was discovered to have a Poke Stop, when even local people are forbidden from the site except during special holy events. Local staff has squared off the site since July 28 with a rope to prevent people from entering, and have erected a sign with “Do not enter!” written in English.

Nakagusuku Castle Ruins Park has also put up a sign that says, “Do not hunt Pokemon in the area, because it’s very dangerous to climb the walls!”


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