Okinawan weightlifter finishes 4th in Rio games

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Yoichi Itokazu, the sole male weightlifter in the Olympics representing Japan, finished fourth in the 62kg weight class on Aug. 8.

Itokazu who is from Kudaka Island and works for the Metropolitan Police Department finished in the 4th place with his 133kg snatch and 169kg jerk, setting a new Japanese record with the latter. His total 302kg is also a new Japanese record.

There have been five people from Okinawa who have taken part in weightlifting events at Olympic games before, and Itokazu’s fourth place in the games is the best placement so far for an Okinawan.

In the Rio competition, the difference between the bronze medal winner and Itokazu was just 3kg. After the competition, Itokazu said. “I wanted to reach over 300kg total, and I made it, so, I’m satisfied that I was able to achieve what I set to do. However, looking at the final results, maybe I could have added just a little bit to get the medal, and that makes me regret a little.”


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