Okinawan mango wine earns four top prizes

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Mango Wine, made by Uchina Farm in Itoman, was awarded four prizes including the “Partum Gold Prize,” the top prize, at Asia’s largest wine competition “Japan Wine Challenge 2016”.

1,800 wines from 30 countries took part in the competition this year, and 12 of them were selected for the top prize. According to Uchina Farm, they are the first from Okinawa to receive the top prize.

The Mango Wine was also awarded the International Trophy Prize and the Regional Trophy Prize in the fruit wine category, as well as the Best Prize in the 1000-yen level category.

The wine is made only from mangos from Okinawa. Masashi Uehara, a winemaker, created the wine taking advantage of mango’s strong fragrance and taste. He says his aim is to make the person feel like eating the mango itself when drinking the wine.

Masato Aikawa, the sales manager of Uchina Farm, said that their wine was highly appreciated because they approached to creating the wine as an entirely local production. “Nobody thinks about Okinawa as a center of wine making, however, we would like to spread wines made from Okinawan fruits,” Aikawa said.

The Mango Wine contains 8% alcohol. The price of a 500ml bottle is ¥1,350 including tax..


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