Okinawa has had 2nd most tornadoes in Japan

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According to Japan Meteorological Agency, there has been 43 tornadoes in Okinawa Prefecture between 1991 and 2015, which is the second most in the nation next to Hokkaido’s 44.

Okinawa Meteorological Observatory says that in Okinawa, cumulonimbus clouds are easily created that cause tornadoes, and the atmosphere is still unstable, so we need to keep watching out.

According to Japan Meteorological Agency, Hokkaido has the largest number of tornadoes, followed by Okinawa, and Kouchi Prefecture on the third place with 32 twisters over the same period. Tornados that occurred over the ocean and didn’t make a landfall are excluded.

Officials say that tornadoes and funnel clouds are counted by visual observation only, so it’s very difficult to make exact statistics of them. This could mean that the actual number would be more.


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