Okinawa East Fire Dept. looking for bilingual staff

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Okinawa East Fire Department, which covers Haebaru, Yonabaru and Nishihara Towns is planning to hire bilingual persons for new positions to be set up within this year.

The fire department is looking for people who are bilingual in Japanese and English, Japanese and Chinese, and Japanese and Korean. The positions will be filled before the end of the year.

This is the first time for any fire department in Okinawa to try to find language experts to take official entry exams for fire departments. Application forms for the exam are available from Aug. 8 through 19, and the fire department will accept filled applications from Aug. 15 through 19. The exam is scheduled for Sep. 18th.

The Okinawa East Fire Department decided to create the positions because its area of responsibility covers the planned location of the new MICE facility in Nishihara. Officials at the department also point out that currently a significant number of foreign tourists need to be taken to hospitals, and that makes it necessary to have personnel who are able to communicate in foreign languages.

To apply for the positions, applicants need to score higher than level 2 in English Language Proficiency Test for the bilingual Japanese – English position, and level 3 in Chinese and level 2 in Korean Proficiency Test respectively for those bilingual positions.


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