Kadena High faces Maebashi High from Gunma at Koshien

Category: [ Sports ]

The drawing for the 98th Koshien Japan National High School Baseball Championship Tournament was held at the Festival Hall in Osaka on Aug. 4th. Kadena High School that is representing Okinawa in the prestigious tournament this year will play against Maebashi High School from Gunma Prefecture in the third game of Aug. 11th. The game will start about 14:30.

Maebashi High School, considered a very tough opponent, won the Championship in the 95th Koshien tournament. Kadena High School plays in the Koshien summer tournament for the first time.

Previously, Kadena High school played in the spring tournament at Koshien in 2010. The Koshien Summer Tournament started on Aug. 7th.


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