IT industry in Okinawa generates ¥409 billion

Category: [ Business ]

According to a study by Okinawa prefecture, Okinawa’s information and communications industry generated a total of ¥409.911 billion in fiscal 2015. The industry is now the second leading business in the prefecture next to tourism that generated \602.214 billion in fiscal 2015.

Officials familiar with the study say that the reason is Okinawa’s extensive support systems for job seekers, ample availability of young workers, and its geographical advantage as a hub between other Asian countries and Japan.

By category, software development generated ¥143.6 billion, the telecommunications ¥132.7 billion, call centers ¥65.1 billion and information services like entering data ¥41 billion. Digital content production including website creation brought in ¥21.8 billion and other related businesses, including operating servers 5.4 billion.

Prefecture officials expect companies involved in software development to show the strongest increase in the future.

Companies involved in Okinawa’s international information and communication networks started sharing a new data cable infrastructure this March, which enables them to process large amounts of data at high speed and low cost. They say that they would like to improve the productivity as well as develop the prefecture into a base hub for international information communications. The concept is called “Smart Hub” Okinawa.


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