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Aug 18 ~ 24


After a very busy first part of the summer, you finally have time to relax and enjoy joys of life. Although there is much activity around you, you should not forget your own needs. Love and harmonious life at home create positive energy that will give you much needed power to face future challenges.


Have you thought of taking it easy this week? It’s not necessarily very easy just now. There are plenty of activities that you feel you can’t miss, but at least you enjoy yourself to your heart’s content. Don’t blame on yourself for nothing. A certain person is likely to express negative comments, but that’s only jealousy.


Destiny and Lady Luck seem to be playing games with you. Your feelings are pulling you to many directions. A friend close to you wants to help you, but the expectation is for your relationship to grow deeper. You must take your time and think carefully what you want from this. Don’t rush your decision.


Optimism and love are surrounding you just now. It’s very possible that you will run into someone special this weekend. You have also an urge to jump off from he daily rat race and hide somewhere, even for a little time. You should reserve one day a week to relax. That would do wonders and put a smile back on your face.


Make the best of the slow weekend ahead. Read a book, relax and collect energy for the coming week. If you have not taken your summer vacation yet, make sure you take care of all half-completed tasks before your break. That’s the only way for you to use your vacation the way that benefits you most.


You have more reasons to be hopeful than you can imagine. You have had a few setbacks, and life feels a little depressing at times, but after the weekend you will see light ahead. Most of your problems solve themselves, and you can look ahead with your head up and full with confidence in your future.


The warm nice summer nights and new friends are giving a boost to your social life. Exciting twists and turns of fate are waiting just around the corner, and that includes your love life. Just get ready for the mood and let loose. All stress and problems are things of the past, and you are free to enjoy.


You do not like to take the life too seriously, and honestly, you would rather do nothing at all. Sorry to say, but the reality does not match this picture. You have to pay attention to your situation, face squarely your problems and take care of them. The sooner you act the sooner you can start enjoying your freedom.


You have waited for a success for a long time, but now you finally can expect to meet it. You know the facts, so it should be easy to make the right decisions. You can see the final results right in front of your eyes. With all this energy ready for you, your love life will also benefit and start showing signs of revival.


The rest of this month is likely to be unforgettable, so make sure that you are in the right place at the right time. Being an optimist, you have a tendency to exaggerate, especially concerning money. There’s romance and passion in the air, but you should avoid situations that lead to a dead end or frustrating arguments.


Sometimes limits that you have to abide by frustrate you, but overall, this weekend promises to be fine. Life would be easier if you understood that you can’t get everything you want right away. You have to learn to enjoy what the life has to offer just now. There are many unforgettable moments coming one after another.


The next few days are going to be really busy for you, but if you could avoid promising favors to too many people, you’d have peace. Your long-time relationship seems to take a new direction. You have been against the step before, but now the situation has changed for both of you, and you should think it again.


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