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Aug 11 ~ 17


Because you are very dedicated to your work, it’s sometimes difficult to find time for your family. But what good does working so hard do if your most loved ones miss your presence in their lives? It would be a good idea to think about your priorities sometimes. Take it a little easier, relax, and spend some time with your family.


Love, money and life at home are all in harmony now. You should not be afraid of facing challenges, as now is the time to show others what you really can do. You should trust in yourself, because you have many abilities that you are not even aware of yet. Your self-confidence and satisfaction will grow in tandem with your success.


You possibly can’t avoid seeing the positive aura surrounding you. Taking a trip, even a very short one, would widen your horizons, and you’d see surprising people and events appearing in front of your eyes. A new kind of experience will turn out to be really fun, and you could well end up asking yourself, “Why didn’t I do this before?”


Your friends and relatives could behave oddly in front of you and appear confused. You don’t necessarily understand the signal they try to send you. You must analyze the circumstances, and be ready to ask a few questions. Do not lose your hope if the others pretend to be too busy to meet you. This is going to go away little by little.


You should try to do something new every week, either by yourself or with a good friend. Sometimes, it’s easier to tell about your feelings by email to ensure that the other person gets your message. Talking face-to-face, or even in a phone, words just seem to get stuck in your throat. But who’s the person who makes you so nervous?


You can expect tempers flare, especially when money is concerned. Maybe someone close to you doesn’t understand that there are more important things in one’s life. Your relationship with a certain person is growing closer, mostly because you’re facing the same problem. The solution is not necessarily simple, but you will find it quickly.


It doesn’t seem always easy to understand your partner’s needs, dreams and hopes, but you must do your best to show interest, listen and be optimistic. This is exactly how you manifest your charm and genuine character, and that’s how you get the best response. Not everyone is so lucky to have a friend like you.


The support from your friends and family becomes most obvious when you really need it. You can avoid stress when you realize that you are ready to face any challenge. Someone who’s offering a helping hand could also be a very important person in your life in the future. It’s not necessary a romance right away, but perhaps later.


You can expect plenty of action over the next few days, and dull moments are very scarce, indeed. You have to do some long-term planning regarding your money, especially, if you wish to have it easier in the future. Young children of your friends come to your thoughts often, and you must think carefully how you feel about this.


You really enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends. Moments that you have together are often more fun than you had thought, so maybe you should invite everyone together more often. Disagreements you have had in the past are now gone, and you can expect remarkable changes to take place. You feel better than for a long while.


Pay attention to your words this week, and be polite. Results of your discussions depend on how you approach the others. You are now surrounded by really tender souls! You will also get some good news that make your worries related to your job to go away. Show your love by giving your partner your time instead of a present.


Although you prefer to put the others to the forefront, you should now concentrate on your own needs. Pamper yourself and relax. Let others to take care of you for a chance. Remember that even when you care for the others, in order to do so you have to be in top shape regarding your own spiritual and physical wellbeing.


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