Coast Guard gets ¥67.4 billion to beef up Senkaku security

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The Japanese Government has appropriated in its second supplementary budget of fiscal 2016 a total of ¥67.4 billion to Japan Coast Guard. The money is earmarked to strengthen security activities on seas surrounding the disputed Senkaku Islands. The budget far exceeds the ¥25.5 billion of fiscal 2015 that was the largest ever so far.

Reportedly, Japan Coast Guard is going to add two patrol boats with a helicopter, as well as a large-size patrol vessel to counter intrusions of Chinese government-owned and other vessels into Japanese territorial waters and illegal operations by foreign fishing boats.

The coast guard will also acquire a new jet aircraft to strengthen its maritime monitoring capabilities. The budget includes money for three high-speed patrol boats, and funds to accelerate the construction of additional two. The boats are scheduled for delivery in 2019.

A representative of the Japan Coast Guard said that, “Considering the situation in Japan’s territorial waters, it is our urgent task to cope with it adequately.”


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