Baby boom in Okinawa Zoo

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Animal residents at Okinawa Zoo are experiencing a baby boom with a baby Yakushima monkey and baby Eastern grey kangaroo the latest newborns.

According to zoo staff, the Yakushima monkey baby was born on July 27th to a mother named Hanako. It’s the second Yakushima monkey baby born at the zoo. The first monkey baby was born in April to a mother called Sabaharu.

An Eastern grey kangaroo Yayoi gave birth on May 15th, but as the newcomer has yet to emerge from the mother’s bag, the staff can’t identify the gender or height of the baby. Staff say the kangaroo baby seems to be growing well inside the mother’s bag and at times comes to have a glimpse of the outside world.

Officials say the zoo is having a baby boom this summer, and they wish many visitors to come and see the facility during the summer vacation season.


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