Visitor accommodations largest ever in Okinawa

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According to a survey by the Okinawa Prefecture Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports, the prefecture now has the largest number of lodging facilities ever available for visitors. The number of hotel rooms is also the largest as well as their capacity.

The survey shows that there are now 1,664 establishments offering accommodations, an eight percent increase from a year ago. The number of hotel rooms is 41,037, which is 2% more than a year ago. Altogether they have a capacity to accommodate 107,190 people at any one time, a 2.4% increase. All of the figures have increased for 14 consecutive years.

There are 85 large-scale facilities with the capacity of more than 300 people, 111 middle-scale facilities with the capacity of less than 300 people, and 166 small hotels and inns that can accommodate less than 100 people at one time.

By area, Miyakojima City has 223 lodging facilities, Ishigaki City the second most with 203 facilities, and Naha on the third place has197. However, Naha City has the largest number of hotel rooms, 15,018, and Onna has the second most with 4,215. Ishigaki City has 4,048 hotel rooms.

Naha City has the largest accommodation capacity at 29,945, Onna Village is the second with 14,807, and Ishigaki City has 9,999.


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