Shiraishi Car Beauty Pro Eneos is ready to pamper your car

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From left, Junya Oshiro, Seiichi Yamauchi, Naoki Takashige, Seijyun Uechi, and Yasuhide Tanaka.
From left, Junya Oshiro, Seiichi Yamauchi, Naoki Takashige, Seijyun Uechi, and Yasuhide Tanaka.

The JX Nippon Oil & Energy Co. is the largest oil company in Japan, but most people, especially those who drive a car, know much better the label it uses to sell its oil products, ENEOS, which is also the name it uses for its service stations.

Cleaning the seats.
Cleaning the seats.

Like mot gas station, almost all ENEOS stands are operated as franchises. On Okinawa, “Shiraishi Car Beauty Pro Eneos” is one of those. It has four shops, including the Chatan-Mihama branch, located right next to Kura Sushi restaurant on Highway 58.

The full service station’s specialty is their car washing and cleaning service, where the staff cleans the car thoroughly both out and inside. Many foreign customers have picked up the Mihama Shiraishi station as their favorite because of its convenient location near Mihama American Village, and the good reputation for their fast and effective car cleaning service at a reasonable price.

When requested they can hand wax the car, set the window tinting films and clean the inside to the smallest detail.

Another point is that the shop has female staff ready to serve female customers. The service menu is available in English, and for the payment all credit cards and yen cash are accepted, but not U.S. dollars.

The shop gives customers so called Japanese T-points at 10-fold value of purchases on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Customers can then use the points for purchases at FamilyMart convenience stores.

Waxing is important.
Waxing is important.

Seijyun Uechi is the manager at the Shiraishi Mihama stand. He observes that, “The number of self-service gas stations is growing all the time. That’s mainly because they can save on the payroll and then sell gas cheaper in order to compete. We have decided to take another route and have enough staff to service customers one by one. That includes checking the tire pressure and the coolant for free. We want people who come from other countries have safe and fun driving experience while in Okinawa, so we check their cars every time they come to make sure there’s nothing wrong.”

Shiraishi Car Beauty Pro Eneos is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information on prices, visit their website or facebook.


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