Pokemon-Go players create confusion, accidents

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A smart phone game ‘Pokemon-Go’ that has taken the world by storm and was released in Japan about a week ago has caused a number of accidents both nation and worldwide, and the same is happening on Okinawa.

Naha Police reports having received several complaints from companies saying that strangers have entered their premises while playing Pokemon-Go. Police are now calling for attention to its players.

At Ryubo Ameku branch, a schoolboy who was obsessed with playing the game was reportedly about to crash into a store shelf before a store clerk stopped him. There is a notice “No texting while walking” in front of the entrance of the store. The store manager said that they have reminded “smombies” not to do it four times so far.

Naha Police say they received a report about a man lying down Monday morning on a sidewalk in Wakasa, Naha City. According to police, the man turned out taking a break while playing Pokemon-Go. Police added that no alcohol was detected in the man’s breath.

A company that apparently is a location of one or more of the Pokemon-Go avatars to be collected has reportedly asked Naha Police for advice on what they should do with strangers wandering into their premises.


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