Okinawa deemed fourth in bad driving etiquette

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Okinawa drivers have been branded as having the fourth worst driving habits in the nation based on an Internet questionnaire survey by Japan Automobile Federation (JAF). The survey about the driving habits was conducted nationwide in June.

People here know it, too, as 64 percent of Okinawa residents think of their general driving etiquette as “bad” or “very bad.” That puts them in the fourth place in the nation following Kagawa Prefecture (80%) the as the worst place, Tokushima (73.5%) in the second place, and Ibaraki (67.2%) the third.

The survey was the first for JAF regarding the driving etiquette.

In the questionnaire, “Do you think that many drivers use mobile phones while driving?” 86.5 percent of Okinawa residents “strongly agreed” or “agreed”, and that is higher than the national average. 86 percent strongly agreed or agreed with the question, “Do you think many drivers do not use blinkers before making a turn?”

On the other hand, 97.2 percent of the Okinawa drivers “strongly agree” or “agree” with the question, “Do you think that people drive giving consideration to others?”


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