Yomitan woman sets new world record in freediving

Category: [ Sports ]

A Yomitan woman set a new world record in a freediving competition held at the end of April in the Bahamas.

27-year-old Sayuri Kinoshita from Yomitan, Okinawa, set a new world record and earned the gold medal in the Suunto Vertical Blue 2016 Freediving International Competition in the Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas held from Apr. 22nd to May 2nd. She became the first Japanese competitor to set the world record in the Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) category of the event.

Her former coach, and one of the leading athletes in the sport, 39-year-old Ryuzo Shinomiya, earned a bronze medal in the men’s FIM (free immersion apnea) category.

Kinoshita’s new record-setting dive reached the depth of 72 meters, which exceeds the previous world record by 2 meters.


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