Urasoe seaside bypass road to open in 2017

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Okinawa General Bureau announced that the Urasoe seaside bypass road, now under the construction on a landfill off Camp Kinser, will open in 2017.

The road consists of two parts, a 2-kilometer stretch from Ujidomari in Ginowan to Minatogawa in Urasoe, and a 2.5-kilometer long part from Minatogawa to Irijima in Urasoe City.

Okinawa General Bureau has been constructing the road in order to reduce the heavy traffic on Highway 58, and to provide a better access from Naha Port and Naha Airport to the Okinawa Convention Center. Planners at the General Bureau have calculated that, when the road is complete, a drive from Naha Airport to Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan will take about 9 minutes less than now. The new road has been under construction since 2011.

Another new road called Urasoe – Nishihara line connecting the middle point of the Urasoe seaside road at the northern edge of Camp Kinser and the Gusukuma Intersection on Highway 58 will also open in 2017.


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