Sun Marina Resort re-opens as Sheraton on Jun. 1st

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The Sun Marina Hotel in Fuchaku, Onna Village, has been re-branded after a full renovation, and re-opened Jun. 1st as the Sheraton Okinawa Sun Marina Resort.

The hotel owner Ishin Hotels Group in Tokyo recently concluded a franchise agreement with the Starwood Hotels and Resorts that owns the Sheraton brand and operates Sheraton hotels worldwide.

Within the year, the hotel plans to add a new building with 46 guest rooms, and also construct a wellness center including an indoor pool. It has been 24 years since the Sheraton brand disappeared from Okinawa, as the Sheraton Okinawa closed in 1992. EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista now occupies the building in Kishaba, Kitanakagusuku, where the Sheraton used to be.

Stephen Ho, one of the guest speakers at the opening ceremony on Jun. 1st and the president of the Asia Pacific region of the Starwood Hotels and Resorts, expressed his satisfaction for being able to return Sheraton to Okinawa. “I’m so excited that we are back in Okinawa! Opening the Sheraton Okinawa Sun Marina Resort enables us to respond our customer needs better, and we are now ready to serve our local customers as well. We will make this hotel the best destination that everybody wants to visit!”


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