Okinawa City Eisa season starts this Sunday at Music Town

Okinawa City is the center of Eisa activity on the island.
Okinawa City is the center of Eisa activity on the island.

The annual season for Okinawa City Tourism Association hosted Eisa Nights are starting this Sunday at Okinawa City Music Town Music Space. The events continue every weekend at various locations in Okinawa City until Saturday, Jul 30.

Eisa DSC_20501
Saturday Eisa Evening kicks off the 2016 Eisa season in Okinawa City.

Besides the Music Town, the events this month take place in front of Okinawa City Hall, Okinawa City Bullfighting Ring in Yamauchi and at the Okinawa City agricultural training facility ‘Noumin Kenshu Center’ in Noborikawa. In July, Payao at Awase Fishing Port and the Southeast Botanical Gardens are the two other venues in addition to the Music Town.

The participating groups are local youth associations from the Chubu area, and include some children’s groups. Most of them will later take part in the annual All Okinawa Eisa Festival that takes place Aug. 26 to 28 at Music Town and Okinawa Athletic Park in Moromizato.

All Eisa events are free of charge. Saturday events start 19:30 and events on Sundays at 19:00.

Okinawa City was named the official “Eisa City” in a ceremony on July 13th, 2007.


June 12, 19:00, Music Town Music Space

June 18, 19:30 In front of Okinawa City Hall

June 19, 19:00 Okinawa City Bullfighting Ring, Yamauchi

June 25, 19:30 Music Town Music Space

June 26, 19:00 Okinawa City Noumin Kenshu Center, Noborikawa

July 2, 19:30 Payao, Awase Fishing Port

July 3, 19:00 Music Town Music Space

July 16, 19:30 Music Town Music Space

July 23, 19:30 Southeast Botanical Gardens

July 30, 19:30 Music Town Music Space



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