Kunigami YuiYui road station to reopen in July after renovation

Category: [ Business ]

Road Station YuiYui in Kunigami, a tourist and local product center on Highway 58 close to Okuma, is scheduled to reopen Jul. 24. Of the eight road stations on Okinawa, Road Station YuiYui Kunigami is the northernmost.

Road Station YuiYui is close to Cape Hedo and next to the Yanbaru hilly areas designated to become a national park. A new joint tourist facility of three Yanbaru area villages is under construction next to the road station, and scheduled to open in spring 2017.

Road Station YuiYui attracts 140,000 visitors annually, and has had total annual sales of ¥53 million. Local officials are hopeful that adding the new joint tourist facility together with the designation of the national park will further promote the Kunigami area and draw more visitors to the northern part of the island.

Currently, officials see expanding parking space as the most urgent task for the road station. When Road Station YuiYui reopens in July, more than double the previous parking space will be available to visitors. The parking lot will accommodate six large buses and approximately 150 vehicles after it opens.

Road Station managers aim to increase their focus on sales of special products from the Kunigami area, such as barbequed duck and pork and gelato among others.


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