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June 30 ~ July 6


This weekend you have so much to do, but you have a problem to keep your thoughts together. However, the fact is that you can’t be in two places at the same time, and you can do only one thing at the time. It’s also possible that you have to wait for an answer to an important question until next week. But you don’t need to wait to enjoy a nice summer weekend.


Your relationships are strong. If a certain person does not react the way you had expected, you may have been too hopeful. Passions and feelings run high, but they fade as quickly as they get kindled. However, you can feel that something positive is in the works, and than makes you very optimistic about your future. And that is a very good point to start.


What you say carries weight among your friends during this week. That’s why it’s important for you to remember that once you say something, you can’t take your words back. You don’t necessarily accept or agree with the attitude of one of your friends, but you still have to be discreet and polite. There’s a problem that is likely to get resolved to your absolutely relief.


Various festive occasions looming ahead worry you as they could put a dent in your finances. You should use prudence when you spend you money. Pay special attention to any agreements you make that have something to do with money, and don’t sign anything without reading the smallest of print. Even though you trust in your counterpart, you should be careful.


You can expect both money and romance in your near future. And even if you put love and romance on the forefront, you can’t deny that small luxuries of life have their attractions, too. And that’s where money comes into picture. You must learn to appreciate that others look up to you and pamper you with gifts. You have earned everything that is coming your way, so enjoy it.


Are you attracted to everything unfamiliar and exciting? Your life really looks like a novel. Maybe you even think that you perhaps have read too many romantic love stories. That really does not matter, as most of your dreams are about to come true. But be careful with your words, especially when someone starts to be a bore. You could have lived through this period before.


It’s only normal that you want to enjoy a little luxury, especially, if someone else picks up the tab. Of course you have to pay attention to who’s footing the bill and why. There’s always a chance that someone has gotten it all wrong, but you may as well be a victim of self-pity. You could also resent if you feel that someone else is getting a better deal and that’s somehow away from you.


Is there anyone who could deny anything from you if you put all your charms into work? The answer is yes, especially if you haven’t done your homework considering the situation. Someone who seems relaxed and loose can be anything but a pushover. You would like to be part of something big, but playing a second fiddle in the orchestra could be a painful experience for you.


Just now everything seems to run on autopilot. If you are in a relationship, there could be especially passionate moments ahead bringing back the euphoria you experienced when you first started together. If you are still looking for a romance, you should stretch the limits of your imagination, and start looking at some unusual and unconventional places.


It could be tiresome and stressing to constantly have your focus in your future, especially, if you don’t have a clear idea why. People admire and appreciate your strong and straightforward character, but it’s not necessarily easy for them to follow your example. Especially, someone younger than you could feel this way very strongly, and need encouragement from you.


New people and new environments could lead to refreshing experiences this weekend. An event a friend suggests you go may not look so interesting in the beginning, but you could very well change your mind if you actually go and find out about it. A rumor that you heard recently is not necessarily true, so you should think carefully to whom you forward this tale.


A spot in your love story may send you back to lick your wounds, but you should forget about love problems and spend time with people who support you and whose company you enjoy. Because your finances are not in the best possible shape, you may have to curtail your plans, but that does not affect the others. They are looking for your company because of you.

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