Government to beef up security measures in Okinawa

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The Government of Japan announced Jun. 3rd measures to enhance security on Okinawa in light of the latest incidents involving U.S. military personnel. The decision was made in a conference the operational team of the Japanese government held in the prime minister’s official residence to discuss immediate and appropriate steps regarding the U.S military troops stationed on Okinawa.

The concrete steps the government team agreed to include plans for the Okinawa General Bureau to hire part-time employees and prepare additional 100 vehicles for enhanced regional safety patrols.

The government also decided to add 100 police officers and 20 police patrol cars to strengthen the police force in Okinawa, and earmark a one-time lump sum to install extra security lighting and cameras in public places in Okinawa.

To administer these and possible further steps in the future, the government will institute a consultative body comprised of officials from the national and prefectural governments to work under the Minister of Okinawa Affairs.

The plan is to start the safety patrols within this the month, and the central government plans to implement the strengthening of the police force as soon as possible. However, the size of the budget, actual date of the start and the length of the term of the steps are still undecided and require further discussions.


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