Box jellyfish warning issued

Category: [ Nature & Environment ]

Okinawa Department of Public Health and Medical Care issued a warning for box jellyfish (Chironex yamaguchii), known locally as ‘habu kurage,’ on Jun. 1st. The warning advises people not to expose the skin while venturing into open waters, and preferably swim on public beaches within areas protected with nets.

Box jellyfish is common in waters throughout the Ryukyu islands, highly venomous and grows to size harmful to human body by June every year. The warning is in force until the end of September. Reported cases of people being stung have been increasing every year since the last decade. 131 cases were reported in 2015.

If stung by a box jellyfish, the Department of Public Health and Medical Care advises victims to take following steps:

  1. Rest and avoid exercise, and ask for help as necessary.
  2. Avoid rubbing and clean the affected part of the skin with vinegar, remove any pieces of tentacles and cool the affected area.
  3. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible


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