Fireman crashes into taxi, arrested for DUI

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Okinawa City Police arrested Feb. 11th a 34-year-old Uruma City Fire Department firefighter on suspicion of drinking and driving.

Police say the fireman crashed into a taxi that had stopped on Route 75 in Higashi, Okinawa City. He was arrested on the spot after a breathalyzer test showed more than four times the legal limit of alcohol in his breath.

According to Uruma City Fire Department officials, the firefighter had drunk alcohol previous night at an office get-together in an Izakaya pub in Uruma City, an on his way home crashed into a taxi in Higashi, Okinawa City.

A police patrol that rushed to the scene stopped the man as he was about to leave the accident site.

The taxi driver who had been sitting in his cab complained about pain on his neck, and was taken to a hospital. However, an examination showed that he had not suffered any major injury.

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