Reputed Taiwanese mafia boss visits , meets local gangsters

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A reputed boss of the Taiwanese mafia, Chang An-lo, a.k.a. ‘White Wolf,’ visited Okinawa from Oct. 15th through 18th, according to Okinawa Prefectural Police sources.

He was on the island reportedly for sightseeing, but police say he also met with members of Okinawa Kyokuryukai, an Okinawa gangster group police has officially designated as a “violent organization.” According to a local newspaper, the Ryukyu Shinpo, Kyokuryukai introduced him to about 10 people from various parts of the island.

Chang An-lo is a former leader of the ‘Bamboo Union,’ one of the three major Taiwanese mafia groups. Chang had escaped to China for more than 15 years, and was arrested upon his return, but almost immediately released, as prosecutors said that the statute of limit on all crimes he was accused of had expired.

He now he leads the Unionist Party, which supports unification between Taiwan and China. Chang himself says that his days as a gangster are over, and he now fully concentrates on his political activities.

The Bamboo Union of Taiwan and Okinawa Kyokuryukai have had contacts with each other, both in Taiwan and Okinawa over a period of several years, police sources say. The Okinawa Prefectural Police has collected information on both groups since they started deepening their relationship. Police believe they are looking for potential new joint business ventures.

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