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Nov 12 ~ 18


You can expect your love life to be a bit of a mystery even to yourself over the next week or so. There are questions that require an answer asap, and the biggest of all is, have you misinterpreted the intentions of a certain person? The only way to be sure, is to ask straight. At work, someone is going to ask you to take on a task, and if you succeed that gives you a very big advantage.


You may feel at times that everything is not the way it should be. It’s important that you give yourself time, and think over this problem carefully. It could take a little time to get used to changes that were enacted recently, but you should be gentle towards yourself, and let the future bring whatever it has in store for your. And only then it’s the time for you to take action.


No matter how much we want to chart and plan our future, being flexible is one of the most important points. We do not necessarily like changes in our environment, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to make allowances. Enough time to sleep and free time to pursue your interests is much more important than you ever believe. The goal is to find a balance and harmony.


You can expect some kind of chaos to take place this weekend, but it should not be too much. If your thoughts seem to be in disarray, your head will clear itself if you don’t put too much emphasis on trying to make sense of it all. You should prepare some nice and enjoyable activity for yourself for the weekend, as that usually is a good way to make troubling thoughts go away.


You should make your decisions based on your own ideas and beliefs, and not rely on advice and opinions of others. Although you are busy, you will find that your life becomes easier if you share your feelings and thoughts with someone close to you. You can expect the hectic pace of life to ease up a bit, and in a few weeks you should have more time for your friends and family.


You can expect someone to come out to show how much you are appreciated. You must wonder why this is such a big surprise to you, though? You can really be too modest sometimes. A close relationship is going to grow closer yet, if you open up a little more. Do not take stress about your possible faults. They are human and make you that much more likable as a person.


You can congratulate yourself on everything that you have achieved. If someone claims that you are not capable of making a decision, that person is wrong. It’s just that you typically think before you act. There’s something in your past that has left a sore point in your soul, but you can expect finally to be able to deal with the problem, and leave it behind once and for all.


Someone expected to have had the last word in a discussion or negotiation with you. However, you have a surprise in store, but it’s important to proceed quickly. You should now concentrate on moving forward with a plan that is close to your heart. You have had to postpone it for too long, and it’s the time to act. You can expect fresh air and new dynamics in your relationships.


You should learn to trust more on your instincts when you’re figuring out the ideas and thoughts of others. Avoid people who are too curious and ready to stick their noses into other people’s affairs. By being clear about your feelings towards a certain person would make you able to strengthen the bonds that connect you. It’s easy to underestimate the effects of such bonds.


Relax a little and let irritating gathering problems to calm down. Taking a calm stance proves everyone else that you have the control firmly in your hands. Don’t look for problems where they don’t exist. Try to be more social and jovial in your relationships with people you meet daily. You only can win if they like you for what you are. And that also earns you their respect.


This time a certain kind of impatience is getting into your nerves. You worry about the future instead of looking forward to it. Maybe you somehow feel that you have not earned the good fortune that’s coming to your way. That’s again one example that you perhaps don’t trust in your own abilities. You have to ask yourself, then, how come people around you do, and with a good reason.


It’s easy for you to fall into a worrying and nervous mode. Does something that is expected from you feel too difficult to take on? Do you have to do that just now? Let people wait until you gather more strength and energy, and find the balance of your mind. You don’t usually shy away from hard work, but maybe just now is not the right time or place. Next week could be better.

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