Residents sue governor over Henoko revocation

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A group of Ginowan residents filed Tuesday a lawsuit with the Naha District Court against Governor Takashi Onaga, seeking to revoke the governor’s decision to revoke the landfill permit for the construction of the replacement facility for MCAS Futenma. The group also demands ¥120 million in damages.

In their suit the residents claims that Onaga’s decision would result the base to remain in its current location, and thus infringe on their right to peaceful life.

Governor Onaga has made it the centerpiece of his administration to block building the new base in the prefecture, insisting the base must be moved outside of Okinawa altogether in order to reduce the burden of the concentration of U.S. installations in the prefecture.

The group states in their suit that the revocation of the landfill permit amounts to the governor abusing his authority, as no legal irregularities regarding the previous governor’s approval of the permit has been proven.

“I’m asking the governor, are you urging citizens to shoulder further costs? If his answer is ‘no’ to the relocation to Henoko, he should come up with an alternative proposal,” former Ginowan Municipal Assembly member Tadao Henza, a representative of the plaintiffs told a news conference.

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