Nishihara Festival honors first king of 2nd Sho-dynasty

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King Sho-en procession.
King Sho-en procession.

The town of Nishihara is known as the home of the University of the Ryukyus, the only national university in the prefecture. It’s also the home to Okinawa Christian University and Okinawa Christian Junior College, and a high school that is famous world over for the prowess of its marching band. No wonder then that the town is known as the “Education Center of Okinawa.”

Nishihara Town will organize its annual festival on Oct. 24th and 25th. This year’s festival also celebrates the 600th anniversary of the birth of King Sho-en, the first king of the second Sho-dynasty of the Ryukyu Kingdom. A hatagashira (streamer pole) performance and historical picture scroll show will mark the event on Sunday starting at 18:25. During the performance a cast depicting King Sho-en and his entourage dressed in ancient attire perform traditional dances accompanied with ancient music.

The cast consists entirely of local people of Nishihara Town, and most are local students, women’s association members and local youth association groups.

The festival takes place at Agarizaki Park; 5-1, Aza Agarizaki, Nishihara Town (https://goo.gl/Eq8AEw). Admission to the festival is free

Hatagashira performance.
Hatagashira performance.


10/24, Saturday
• 13:00 Opening ceremony
• 13:30 Harusa-eika hero show
• 14:30 Nishihara High School marching band performance
• 16:10 Hawaiian Hula dance performance
• 18:00 Shoen-daiko performance
• 18:30 Okinawan folk song show
• 19:40 Glean Piece music live
• 20:20 Soluna live
• 20:50 Fireworks

10/25, Sunday
• 9:00 Ground golf tournament
• 13:40 Kids’ festival (taiko, sanshin, hip-hop dance and traditional Ryukyu dance performances)
• 15:15 Traditional performing arts show
• 18:25 Ryukyu King Sho-en, Hatagashira performance and Ryukyu historical picture scroll show
• 20:40 Fireworks

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