Young Chatan heart transplant recipient to return home

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The doctor of 13-year-old Rai Matsushima from Chatan, a recipient of a heart transplant in February at the Colombia University Hospital in New York, has granted him the permission to return to Okinawa. Rai’s parents reported the news on the website “The Charity of Saving Rai” at http://rai-aid.com/.

Rai had the heart transplant because of a severe cardiac illness, and was able to go to have the costly operation in the U.S. thanks to a successful community fundraising effort that collected enough money to cover the cost of the operation and all related expenses.

The family is planning to come back to Okinawa this week. The parents report on the website, “The results of the last test he underwent the other day were pretty fine, and he has not had a fever nor caught cold. In addition, he has increased his stamina and muscles. We are so much looking forward to coming back to Okinawa.”

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