Yokozuna Hakuho visits to promote sumo exhibition tournament

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The highest-ranking sumo wrestler, Yokozuna Hakuho, visited Okinawa Aug. 25th, to promote the winter season sumo exhibition tournament scheduled to take place here on Dec. 12th and 13th .

During his visit, the Yokotsuna talked to the media at the Prefectural Government Office. The exhibition tournament will be the first in Okinawa in six years since 2009.

“I had just been promoted to the rank of Yokozuna when I came to Okinawa six years ago, and was just wrestling happily because of the promotion, and wanted to show my power. Now that I have won the ’basho’ 35 times, which is the all-time winning record in sumo, I would like to show people what the dignity and strength of a Yokozuna is all about,” Hakuho said.

Asked about the team of the Urasoe Junior High School students who won the title in the team competition at the 45th All Japan Junior High School Sumo Tournament in Aomori Prefecture on Aug. 23rd, the Yokozuna said that he would like to see them join the sumo world.

The tickets to the Okinawa exhibition tournament went for sale from Aug. 26th at all FamilyMart Fami-port terminals.

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