Rally against Abe’s security bills held at Yogi Park

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A large-scale protest rally against the Security Bills currently waiting for approval in the Upper House of the national parliament in Tokyo, was held at Yogi Park in Naha, Sunday.

Members of the five parties that have the majority in the Prefectural Assembly organized the rally together with the Okinawa National Constitution Preservation Council, and about 2,500 people took part.

On the same day, an estimated 120,000 people participated in a rally near the Japanese parliament building in Tokyo. More than 300 similar rallies were organized at locations throughout the nation protesting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s move to loose Japan’s pacifist constitution’s constraints on the use of the Japan Self Defense Forces.

Assembly members, scholars, students, and religious and women’s organizations had speeches on stage at the park calling for opposing the Security Bills.

Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party pushed the bills through the lower house of the Diet, and they are now before the upper chamber, which is also controlled by the LDP. The aim is to pass the legislation before the parliament session ends on Sep. 27th.

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