Naha Police seeks information on attempted robbery suspect

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Naha Police, asking help from the public to solve an aborted robbery that took place Feb. 26th in Omoromachi, Naha City, has released an image taken from a security camera of a man who made the robbery attempt.

The man in the picture is suspected of trying to rob a convenience store threatening a worker of the store with a cutter knife.

According to Naha Police, the man is of uncertain age, 165 cm tall and average weight or maybe skinny.  During the incident, he wore a black facemask, black long-sleeved shirt and black long pants.  He also had white gloves and brownish shoes.  The facemask, shirt and gloves were found thrown away on the yard of a building about 400 meters south of the convenience store.

Naha Police is asking people to contact them with any information about the man in the picture, by calling 098-836-0110 (ext. 331, 334 or 335).

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