French couple nabbed for growing cannabis at home

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A joint investigative task force of the Prefectural Police Organized Crime Division, Ishikawa Police and Okinawa Regional Customs Office arrested 27-year-old Chatel Jonas, a French postdoctoral scholar, and his 32-year-old wife Annette Bergeron, Mar 14th, on suspicion of violating the Cannabis Control Act.  Both have admitted to the charges.

The couple is suspected of growing marijuana plants in two pots in their house in Onna Village between sometime in April and May 11th this year.

Okinawa Regional Customs Office staff discovered 0.5 grams of cannabis resin hidden in the international mail addressed to the couple at Naha Airport on May 7th. Officers from the joint investigative task force searched their house on May 11th, and found the marijuana plants they had grown. The task force officers are now investigating where the seeds came from.

Officials at the university Jonas has been conducting research commented on the incident and stated, “This is extremely regrettable and we are very surprised at this. We will take strict measures after the facts are clear once the investigation is complete.”

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