Female clerk found having embezzled millions from PTA

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A woman in charge of clerical work at a PTA of a public high school in the southern part of the island was discovered to have embezzled several million yen from the school PTA bank account. The money had been collected from parents.

PTA officials say they are investigating the embezzlement in detail and will claim for the return of the money from the woman.

According to sources knowledgeable of the incident, the money was discovered missing on May 16th, a day before a scheduled PTA general meeting, when a member of the PTA board pointed out the deficit in the PTA account book.  When questioned about the discrepancy, the woman reportedly admitted the embezzlement.

In the general meeting on May 17th, the principal of the school apologized for the parents and explained the facts of the case as far as he understood them.  A PTA leader says, “We have not yet gotten into bottom of this, and have not received a clear explanation of the matter, including exactly how much is missing and what the money was used for. If the woman who has admitted to taking the money doesn’t agree to our demand for full return, we will possibly bring criminal charges against her.”

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