Naha Airport fourth largest international cargo hub in Japan

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The Okinawa Prefectural Government held a meeting on promotion of local products overseas at Okinawa Industry Support Center on Mar. 14th.

The volume of international cargo passing through Naha Airport reached about 185,000 tons in 2014, which is about a hundredfold increase from the 1,900 tons the airport handled in 2008 before ANA made it an international cargo hub.

The volume of Naha international cargo is the 4th largest in Japan after the Haneda International Airport in Tokyo. The total international cargo volume at domestic airports in 2014 was about 2,040,000 tons at Narita International Airport, 700,000 tons at Kansai International Airport and 259,000 tons at Haneda International Airport.  The Naha Airport was on the 3rd place between 2009 and 2013, however, the cargo volume at the Haneda International Airport increased after it expanded its runways.

While the transaction volume in Naha has increased 100-fold, the export figures of groceries and beverages from Okinawa to overseas markets has about doubled during the same period. Prefectural officials stressed that there is a need to support local companies to expand their business overseas, develop more overseas markets, and aim at improving Naha Airport further as an export hub.

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