Survey: One in six people has considered suicide in Okinawa

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An interim report on a survey about suicide that was conducted between November and December last year by the Prefectural Government has been released.

According to this survey, one in six people, or 16.3 %, answered that they really had thought about suicide in past.  In addition, more than 20 % of those said that they had contemplated a suicide within a year. Officials say the results point to a need for prompt preventive measures.

The survey covered about 2,500 people in Okinawa, both men and women of 20 years of age and older.  The Prefectural Office selected the participants at random from the Basic Resident Register, and sent them the survey questionnaire.  As of now, about 1,600 people have responded.

The final analysis and evaluation of the results is scheduled to be complete within this fiscal year.

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