Miso soup with mushrooms

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Miso soup is a famous Japanese dish that I’m sure most of you must have had before. But have you cooked it in your home? Many people try to cook it at home and have found that the flavor was quite bland. So, a few asked me how to make it tasty. This is one of my miso soup recipes using a lot of vegetables, particularly mushrooms, and sesame oil.



Ingredients are available at any Japanese supermarket.
• 5 cups water

• 3 tablespoons miso

• 3 shiitake 椎茸

• ½ maitake  舞茸

• ½ enokidake えのき茸

• ½ carrot

• ¼ daikon radish

• 2 teaspoons sesame oil

• 1 dashi pack

• Chopped Japanese leek



Fry everything together.
1. Slice the carrot and daikonand cut into quarters.

2. Cut off the stems of shiitake then slice and cut in half. Tear the maitake into pieces by hand so that it’s easy to eat. Cut the root off of the enokidake and cut into half of the length.

3. Heat the sesame oil in a saucepan and fry all the vegetables and mushrooms. Mix the ingredients well with the oil, add water and the dashi pack and bring to a boil.

Add miso last after cooking the ingredients.
4. Boil for about 3 minutes then take out the dashipack.

5. Once the vegetables and mushrooms are cooked, place the miso on a ladle with a little scooped soup to dissolve the miso before mixing it into the soup proper. Then mix everything in the saucepan. It’s easier to mix miso into soup in this way.

6. Bring the miso soup to the boil for a minute. Garnish with sliced Japanese leek and serve.

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