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Feb. 26 ~ Mar. 4


There’s no doubt that you have to do some changes, but take your time to decide how you are going to go about it. Some people are likely trying to convince you that they would know better than yourself what to do first. Someone is also likely to ask for your help just when you are too busy with your own dilemma. However, although you are very busy you should not forget to spare time for love and tender care, preferably during this weekend.


The best thing for yourself you can do at this time is to seek help and cooperation of others. Especially, if you want to speed things up, it’s very important that you share the load. You can expect to meet someone in the next few days whose very sympathetic character attracts you like a magnet, and this could lead to something very special. You should keep this in mind before you make the decision on how to proceed with your relationship.


You need creative and sympathetic approach to a problem you are facing. This is very important if you wish to avoid a conflict that could take much of your energy to resolve. Impatience could be bad for your health, and the best approach would be to keep everything as simple as possible. By making an example of yourself you can convince important people that you know how to take care of business. Just make sure that everyone takes notice on this.


You should keep your stand, especially at work if you feel that someone is trying to hold you back. You can look forward to having to make quick moves and important decisions, both concerning your work and free time. It could be impossible to reach the top even if you try, but then, you sure don’t reach it if you don’t even try. It’s often the case that you can achieve much more than you originally thought. So the main thing is to keep pushing forward.


When you admit the fact that you have neglected one specific segment in your life, you are able to start getting back on track. There are certain responsibilities that were expected from you, although you felt most of the time that they were less important. This was not the case, and now you have to sort it out. Something has been nagging in the back of your mind for some time, and if you take care of it now, you could find a very welcome surprise.


Try to make your life work smoother and more flexibly. Clean up, re-organize your office and home or do whatever that will make your daily routines easier. There could be temptations coming to your way, but those are no excuse for procrastination. Things that seem too complicated to get resolved right away could start looking much easier in a few days. And just now it’s better to think yourself first instead of devoting all your energy to others.


You can expect to meet many people who see and look for problems where there are none. Be polite but firm. Keep in mind that you have better things to do than waste your time with nonsense. You could have an eye-opening experience to see one of your friends in a new place or new situation. You are not easily impressed, but this is really going to astonish you. Money is not a problem now, and many other people also admire you for getting it right.


Some people are trying to get you to conform to their plans, but they better beware. Your determination and clear vision do not leave room for acting on pipedreams of others, as you are too busy to follow the path to your own success. Of course you want to help your loved ones, but sometimes you have to kick the ball around between choices of what’s urgent and what’s not. A small problem next week is going to take your time, but luckily not for long.


You should show people in your team, who’s the boss. Some people become overly critical when they get frustrated or bored. But that’s their problem, not really yours. You are on the right path. Pay a little extra attention to your finances, and keep your health in mind, too. Someone making fast moves is confusing you a little, but try to follow. You are able to figure out that person’s game, and you just have to give enough rope and he’ll be back.


Make sure that people you are dealing with know what you want. Maybe the soft-touch approach you have employed this far has not been very effective. Staying firm could be the best way to get back on the right track. There’s someone who really wants your input and participation and who could be very persistent, but are you ready to get so much involved? You should be able to figure that out and avoid the pitfalls. But keep your lover out of this.


Some people are waiting for more aggressive attitude from you. You should surprise them by using your psychological insight and natural charms. Something at home that you have not been able to resolve could cause extra friction. You should pacify the situation by doing small favors to members of your family, especially to those you have neglected recently. You are living in the moment, and that suits you well. But you must give your lover space, too.


Do you feel that people take you for granted? Does it look to you that your colleagues do less than their fair share? Is someone demanding too much from you? You should surprise everyone by doing something really impressive and unusual. This is a little chaotic period for your zodiac, but if you keep calm, you get through it quite easily. You can also expect to find a new and romantic side in your lover. Just listen carefully when you’re together.

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