Henoko protester sues Coast Guard for alleged assault

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A 29-year-old protester from Tokyo has sued the Japanese Coast Guard and members of the Coast Guard for allegedly assaulting him when he was protesting.

The man was protesting on the ocean in canoe on Jan. 16th, when a Coast Guard crew on an inflatable boat tried to push his canoe further out to the sea. During the attempt, the bow of the Coast Guard boat bore down on the left side of his chest.  The next day, he was diagnosed in a hospital with a fractured rib requiring six weeks to heal.

This is the second case for a private citizen to file a criminal charge against a police agency because of being injured by officials on duty. According to another man who has taken part in the protests in Henoko since last September, “At Henoko, these kind of assaults by members of Coast Guard happen all the time. I hope this lawsuit will give a good view for many people to know the existing situation.”

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