Financial Planning guide book to assist military

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Jack McMenamy is a man who knows the intricacies and difficulties of military life, and more importantly, the myriad of details soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines face when they’re planning their future.

He’s now making available, free of charge, a Financial Planning Guide Book that can serve as a road map for military families who are contemplating staying in the service, or getting out, or planning for retirement.  The book answers questions about Veterans Administration Home Loan Guarantees, the Survivors Benefit Plan and the Veterans Group Life Insurance.

McMenamy has spent more than 25 years as a financial services representative, and can walk people through how the Survivors Benefit Plan affects military retirement pay, including aspects of the plan that are not particularly palatable to military families.  He points out alternatives to different plans, and how to understand them before making potentially costly commitments.

A copy of the Financial Planning Guide Book can be requested by email at jdmnymm@yahoo.com, or by calling 080-6483-6481.

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