Shentong Express delivery company to open shop in Naha

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A major Chinese transportation company, Shentong Express, announced that it would start business in Okinawa

Shentong Express, one of the biggest transportation companies in China, will launch an overseas affiliated company, ’Shentong Express Japan’ at the International Logistics Special Zone in Naha in the middle of this month, and start an express courier service mainly to destinations in China. The company says it is taking advantage of ANA’s international airfreight business.  The new company is the first overseas affiliate for Shentong Express in Japan.

Shentong Express handles up to 40% of the deliveries for the Internet sales of Alibaba Group, the biggest e-commerce company in China.  Shentong will target orders of samples or urgent orders of Chinese industrial products ordered through the Internet service of Alibaba by Japanese companies.  In addition, Shentong will take advantage of the logistic hub in Okinawa to deliver Japanese products like garments and general goods ordered from China to Chinese customers.   Shentong Express is going to introduce the new express service on Alibaba web site.

Shentong Express is scheduled to open an office at the International Logistics Special Zone in Naha. It will also hire local staff.

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