Minimum wage in Okinawa set at ¥677/hour

Category: [ Business ]

Okinawa Minimum Wages Council submitted a report on August 26th, to Naoki Tani, the chief of Bureau of Okinawa Labor Department that minimum wage in Okinawa should be set at ¥677 per hour, an increase of ¥13 per hour.

This will become effective from Oct. 24th if there is no objection, although the hike was expected to be much higher than that. At first, the labor side insisted on a raise of ¥20~¥36 per hour for the reason that there are a lot of people who are hired at a minimum wage and the Japanese Government is planning to raise the minimum wage to ¥800 per hour by 2020. However, the managemrnt side had insisted on a bare ¥6 per hour for the reason that the environment of small and tiny companies in Okinawa should be considered due to the increase in the cost of raw materials.

Ultimately, the hike was determined by a majority vote of committee members including third persons like lawyers.

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