Flight reservations for Okinawa Obon season surpass 520,000

Category: [ Business ]

The five domestic airlines serving Okinawa announced that the combined number of reservations for airline tickets for the Okinawa Obon season from Aug. 9th through 17th has exceeded ¥520,000.

The number of reservations is 6.9% higher than last year, and stood at 523,659 as of Aug. 2nd.

Per carrier, the number of reservations on JAL flights decreased 2.4% to 104,358, while ANA announced an increase of 4.0% to 249,596. ANA spokesman added that the company has added 31 charter flights to its regularly scheduled runs for this Obon season.

Okinawa-based JAL affiliate JTA announced that its reservations have increased 8.7% to 88,444, and RAC (Ryukyu Air Commuter) that flies routes between outer islands Naha increased 13.8% from last year to 10,702.

The low cost carrier Skymark announced that their reservations increased 35.4% to 70,559.

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