Tomodachi Works international festival slated for July 5th & 6th

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Organizers are still looking for vendors and performers to take part in the event.

The seventh in a series of events designed to bring foreigners and Japanese closer together, Tomodachi Works, is coming up next weekend to Depot Island in Chatan.

The event coincides with the Chatan Seaport Carnival taking place the same days July 5th & 6th.

Tomodachi Works event features merchandize and services of every kind.

Tomodachi Works on the first Saturday and Sunday in July runs from 4 p.m. until mid-evening on the open square behind the Depot Island in Mihama, Chatan.  Organizers say there’ll be vendors selling their wares, including handmade items, and there will be plenty of entertainment.   Festivities take place at the beachside of the Akara Gallery building, and a part of Plaza F building.

Tomodachi Works July sells handmade accessories, handmade sundry goods, healthy millet food, Aroma massage, Jerry’s popcorn, a calligraphy artist, Sketch artist, and more!

The organizers are still looking for vendors and performers for this July’s Tomodachi Works. Those interested in being part of the event, should contact Ayumi Jourden at 080-3167-3061, or email ayumi.jourden.1@i.softbank.jp

Tomodachi Works began last year with the goal of making Okinawa a more international place by conducting international events every other month. The plan is to have cultural and friendship exchanges both with foreigners and Okinawans, and Japanese and tourists from the mainland.

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