Hiroshi Gima art exhibition

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Artist HIroshi Gima has concentrated on paintings of depicting life and traditions of Okinawa over the past few years.

Hiroshi Gima, a 90-year-old Naha native, has his oil paintings, prints and woodblock art on display at the Gallery Premier.

The exhibition at Gallery Premier runs daily through Tuesday, 11 a.m. ~ 7 p.m. The location of Gallery Premier is at http://goo.gl/maps/qmJmbAdmission is free.

Gima studied at the Osaka Municipal Institute of Fine Art nearly seven decades ago, mastering a number of art styles, including oils that won him the Kodo Art Exhibition Prize in 1959, and a Friendship prize only a half-dozen years later.  His true love is woodblock print art, to which he’s devoted himself since 1970.  He created an original picture book for children, Tetsu no ko Kanahiru, which won the Sankei Children’s Publishing Culture Prize.

His collection of prints on Okinawan war themes, Ikusa ga yatte kita (The Battle Has Arrived), won him the Okinawa Times Art Awards in 1980.  “The Battle for Okinawa: Korean War Service Labourers and Comfort Women”, Okinawasen Chosenjin gunpu to jugun ianfu, won him yet other awards in 1995.  In the last several decades he’s dedicated himself to paintings of Okianwa topics.

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