“Uchikabi” ¥10,000 bill used to pay for taxi ride

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A male passenger in Naha City paid his ¥2,000 taxi fare with a ¥10,000 bill of imitation paper money called “uchikabi,” tricking the taxi driver who is in his 70s.

According to Yonabaru Police a man in his 30s took the taxi early in the morning on May 22nd, in Yonabaru Town. He then paid his ride with an “uchikabi” bill and got the change in real money.

“Uchikabi” is used in religious ceremonies in Okinawa. The bills are burned to transfer them to the spirit world for the use of deceased ancestors. The Okinawa Prefectural Police are requesting the company that made the bill voluntarily to recall its “uchikabi” from shops because of the incidents.

Investigators have traced the bill used in this incident to a shop in Naha. A similar incident occurred in Ishigaki City last November. Police are still looking for the man who used the bill to pay for the ride, as it’s a crime to pass a fake bill for real in any circumstance.

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