Veteran jeweler goes extra mile for service

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Teruya Jewelry has a huge selection of custom made and regular jewelry at store.

Hiroyuki Teruya has a jewelry store filled with shiny baubles and the best gemstones in the world, but he has something he says is more important: satisfying his diverse international clientele.

The shop can both create custom pieces and repair old jewelry.

He owns Teruya Jewelry in Chatan’s Hamby area, building on a business founded by his father more than three decades ago.  What sets Hiroyuki Teruya apart from other jewelers is his penchant for going the extra mile to make sure he “meets all customer needs, wants and desires.”  He is well aware that “Okinawa is becoming an international island and we now offer our services to foreigners more and more.”  Sure, he likes to make sales, but he’s equally concerned that “we are honestly welcoming such customers and ask what the customer really needs.”

Its’ also possible to melt old jewelry and use the metal for a brand new.

He prides himself on being able to satisfy most, if not all customers walking through his doors.  Teruya Jewelry offers custom services, including accepting original jewelry designs.  The store also cleans jewelry, checks settings and stones, and offers aftercare, where his artisans are in the shop to resize and repair jewelry, clean it, and fix loose or replace fallen out stones.  “We welcome customers to bring any jewelry, even “if you bought it in a foreign country or at another jewelry store.”

Hiroyuki is following in his father’s footsteps.  Yukio Teruya was a university student when relatives living in South America visited, bringing along gemstones.  Yukio was so enamored with the beautiful and gorgeous stones that he began a business with the stones while still a student.  He studied under a master, and ultimately opened his own Teruya Jewelry on his home island, Okinawa.  It was only a few years ago that papa Yukio gave the green light to his son, convinced he knew the business enough to carry on the family tradition.

Teruya Jewelry Shop in Kitamae has plenty of free parking in front.

After feeling his way for several years, he opened the store in Chatan-Hamby in December. It’s easy to find, he explains, because “we’re on Highway 58 and we’ve got a big sign.”  He’s been inviting potential customers to “just stop by our shop for some window shopping too.”  He has an English-speaking staff, and encourages people to “please feel free to ask us what you are in trouble with jewelry.”

Teruya Jewelry’s specialty is covering all services about jewelry. They buy their stones in Tokyo by themselves with their special eyes, then design and create jewelry in their own studio, so customers can choose stones from their huge stocks.  They can also create their own type, style and design for a jewelry piece. “we can do the specialized work while you’re having a lunch or taking care of some small business,” Hiroyuki says. “We know customers don’t want to leave such a memorable piece of jewelry for a couple days or a week.”  He points out that “It’s a very important ceremony in choosing or buying an engagement ring or a jewelry gift, so we recommend ways to create your special original jewelry in Okinawa with great memories. They can serve special work and special jewelry for you.”

Teruya Jewelry is located at 1-1-4 Kitamae, Chatan-cho Okinawa. The store accepts Yen, Dollars and major credit cards. The store is open 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily.. A free parking lot available just in front of the shop.

The store location is at http://goo.gl/maps/lgFUS

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