New Kitanakagusuku AEON mall to be named “Okinawa Rycom”

Category: [ Business ]
Artist’s image of the AEON Rycom Mall complex.

The largest shopping mall complex in Okinawa now under construction at the former Awase Golf Course site in Kitanakagusuku is to be called AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom according to an AEON spokesman, The company made the name official Thursday.

The mall is scheduled to open in spring 2015. The site of the mall covers some 175,000 square meters. The total floor and parking space area will be 100,000 sq.m. making it one of the largest facilities of any kind in Okinawa. In addition to the AEON shopping mall and adjacent parking facilities the complex will have an ANA resort hotel and other leisure facilities incorporated in it.

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